A rabbit is not like a dog or cat. They do not express themselves in the same ways as other animals, they cannot bark or meow. They are quiet animals but they are affectionate in their own ways. Each rabbit is unique and not all of them will do the same things. Don’t worry! You will learn your rabbit’s behaviour as you spend more time with them.

The “Binky”

Bunnies are very dramatic when expressing happiness. They will run around and leap into the air, kick their legs up, and twist their bodies. It’s the most fun watching as your bunny lets you know he’s happy!

The “Flop”

A content bunny will often flop on its side. This lets you know that they are happy and relaxed, they feel safe. It has become a competition between Mokona and us to see if he’ll flop or not. He starts off grooming himself and will lower his head to the floor. We stare in anticipation; he’ll notice us watching and will stop what he’s doing. We will turn around the BAM! he’s flopped. Seeing it in action is the greatest feeling.

Here is a gif I found of a bunny flopping. It makes me go “aww” and “kyah” every time I see it.
Bunny Flop

The “Nose Nudge”

Mokona will sometimes bump or nudge my hand or foot out of the way during playing or petting. This usually means that I’m in his way and to move. Also, it could mean that he likes what I’m doing and I should continue.

The “Thumper”

You wake up in the middle of the night to a stamping/thumping noise. At first, you’ll freak out wondering what’s wrong. Thumping or Stamping is usually a sign that your bunny is angry about something, or is warning you of danger. Sometimes Mokona will let me pet him during a stamping episode, but most times he just wants to be left alone.

The “Merry-Go-Round”

Mokona loves to circle my feet. I’m not really sure what it means, but I assume that he’s happy. We turn it into a game where he chases me around. I give him a treat at the end so he knows it’s all good and I love him.

How does your rabbit talk to you? What are some things that they do?

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